Five essential pet supplies for dogs to go out

Five essential pet supplies for dogs to go out

Dear parents, do you want to take a stroll outside with your baby when you are free? Today, I will introduce to parents the five types of pet supplies that are necessary for taking a dog out, so you don’t have to worry about going out now.

  1. Clothing: Wear a pet sun hat for your dog when you travel in summer, which is stylish and shaded. For short-haired dogs, you can choose a thin, breathable vest for them to wear, so as to prevent the sun from damaging the skin.
  2. Food: Dogs are not suitable for eating human food. In order to let the dogs adapt to the local water and soil as soon as possible, the amount and time of feeding the dogs should be the same as usual. In addition, don’t forget to wear your puppy’s favorite snacks. When going out, there is always a situation where the dog is out of control. Two delicious snacks can make the dog obey the command at all times.
  3. Accommodation: It is not impossible to bring a dog to a hotel. Nowadays, many business hotels and even star-rated hotels allow dogs to stay, as long as your dog does not disturb the people because of barking, is not aggressive, and has an acceptable body size. However, due to the special nature of dog check-in, it is a foolproof method to book a hotel that allows dogs to check-in before departure. If you do not have a reservation, you can go to the family hotel to consult after arriving at the destination, and dogs are generally allowed to stay.
  4. Luggage: In addition to bringing a flight case and Dog Leash, you can consider giving your dog a sad pet backpack and let it “carry its own things”. Portable water bottles or foldable water bowls, pet baths and absorbent towels are all essential equipment during travel.
  5. Medical treatment: During the journey, there will always be accidents of this kind. Parents should carry regular medicines, such as gastrointestinal medicines and insect repellents. If possible, they can also bring pet sunscreen sprays.

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