Your Ultimate Marketing Playbook

Your Ultimate Marketing Playbook

Looking back, there was no better way to prepare me for product marketing. I had a front-row seat to learn what people liked about our product, how people used it, and the questions they had. Customer success allowed me to dive deep into our product, and understand the nitty-gritty details that make-or-break success with G2.

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Ultimate Marketing Playbook

A question I heard now and again was: “I have the G2 Content Subscription, what exactly should I do with it?” And while it might seem overwhelming to have all of this content at your hands with no guidance on what to do with it, there’s no need to panic!

There are so many different things you can do with G2 Content. And in this playbook, we’ll be walking you through a variety of ways to leverage it in sales, marketing, and more.

What’s in your G2 Content Subscription?

Before I dive into the hows, whys, and numbers and plans, let’s take a step back. What is the G2 Content Subscription?

G2’s Content Subscription allows you to share and repurpose your Grid, Index, and Compare reports, along with shareable social content. Packaging up your reviews in this way allows your customer voice to do the selling for you and has been proven to be effective in engaging buyers, enhancing marketing programs and materials, and influencing deals and buyers.

What’s included?

  • Grid® Reports. Use Grid® Reports for a high-level overview of a category on G2, including which products have the most satisfied customers and largest presence in the market. Includes: Category, Momentum, and Segmented Reports
  • Index Reports. Use Index Reports to take a deeper dive into what matters most to buyers: product usability, implementation, relationship, and results. Includes: Usability, Results, Implementation, and Relationship Indices
  • Compare Reports. Use Compare Reports to give buyers a detailed look at how you stack up against up to three of your competitors (based on Satisfaction ratings).
  • Video Reviews. Video reviews give potential buyers an easy, engaging way to learn about your product by providing a short overview of use cases, likes, dislikes, and advice for prospective buyers.
  • Social Campaign Assets. Social Assets turn high-impact G2 reports into plug-and-play social copy and creative for LinkedIn or Facebook.

How to leverage G2 Content

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s dive into how to use G2 Content to benefit marketing, sales, customer success, and product.

Here’s a quick list of common marketing tactics G2 Content is used in today:

  • Press releases
  • Landing pages
  • Homepage/resources pages
  • Social sharing
  • Display ads
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Blog posts
  • Sales collateral
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • Infographics
  • Physical promotions

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are certainly the most common ways sellers just like you are leveraging their G2 Content as part of their outbound marketing strategies.

What’s fun is, these tactics can be used in any combination. Some use them all while others focus on a few tactics most relevant to their business. For instance, if you know press releases don’t perform that well for you, but landing pages and social sharing do, start with those. If you know email nurture campaigns and infographics work well, and you’re still trying to figure out your ad strategy –prioritize your sweet-spot programs first.

Just like in marketing as a whole, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. So prioritize what you do well, and enhance that with G2 Content first. From there, work with your G2 Rep to experiment with other use cases for G2 Content you’ve seen from other vendors (or even your competitors) in-market.

Breaking down G2 Content use cases

Let’s get prescriptive, and go into detail on how each of these tactics is executed with G2 Content – examples included.

Press releases

With press releases, you can go one of two ways:

  • Craft press releases specifically for the reports that you’ve been included in. Align your PR with G2’s quarterly report releases and use this as your opportunity to show the world just how much users love your solution, and establish your brand as a recognized leader in your category (and with your customers).
  • Update your press Release boilerplate. Include your most recent G2 report standing for a quick and easy additional value prop for potential readers.

Landing pages

This is by far the most popular way G2 customers share out the reports they license, and it’s not hard to see why. You’re bringing the best of both worlds together by building your brand and showcasing your users’ satisfaction with your product, while also leveraging a report as a demand capture tool to fuel your pipeline!

For that reason, this is the top marketing tactic we recommend you prioritize when thinking through how to leverage your G2 Content Subscription. Use this landing page as the base for all of the other suggestions listed in this playbook to build a powerful campaign.

Homepage/resources pages

Looking for a quick (and proven) way to increase time on your website and collect more leads? Link to a G2 report you’re licensing on your website. Add a banner to your homepage so the report is front-and-center. Another common best practice is to add it to your resources page for the third-party validation of your product that buyers are looking for.

In our 2020 Crowd Views report, 69% of respondents said they use a vendor website and 46% use public product review websites to evaluate and make purchase decisions on B2B goods/services. By making your G2 report easily accessible on your website, you’re giving prospects the context and content to choose you.

Social sharing

Once your landing page is ready, it’s time to make some noise on social! Share your report out organically in your normal social cadence, along with launching some sponsored posts on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.