Apple is most popular SDK after iOS 14.5

Apple is most popular SDK after iOS 14.5

Apple was the most popular SDK following the release of iOS 14.5, according to new data released by mobile data and analytics company App Annie.

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Apple is most popular SDK after iOS 14.5

Changes introduced with iOS 14.5 have affected how marketers are leveraging context to reach the right audiences while remaining compliant with privacy measures.

Google Admob also featured among the top list of SDKs.

The research shows that Google’s Admob and AdX led for Ad platform SDKs, followed by UnityAds, Facebook Audience Network, Flurry, Applovin and Chartboost. Other notable SDKs in the ad category included those by ironSource, ByteDance, MoPub, Tencent and Amazon.

It shows that a diverse range of ad platform SDKs are still being leveraged globally as in-app advertising remains a popular to help monetise apps.

Mobile advertisers are also using ad attribution SDKs to help them gain an insight into their ads and find out which perform the best.

Google’s Firebase SDK and Google Analytics SDK remain in top demand for this type of ad attribution.

Casual games are readily utilising in-app ads for monetisation purposes.

“While app analytics SDKs often overlap with ad attribution SDKs, analytics SDKs are largely used to see how people are using your app and to inform feature development and marketing measures. Understanding user behavior is critical to effective roadmap planning and your overall app strategy. Market level engagement insights, such as average time spent per user and session duration, will be needed to complement existing analytics due to opt-outs under iOS 14.5. User-level data is still incredibly valuable and will need to be paired with market-level insights to paint a clear picture of the audience,” the company said in its release.

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