How to set A New Location for Free Speech?

How to set A New Location for Free Speech?

As always, the United States elections brought along a lot of controversies this year. Particularly the Republicans thought that they were getting censored on social media. Both Facebook and Twitter have been accused of banning certain kinds of opinions on their platforms, according to an article published in USA Today.


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In case you missed it, you should check out our post about the increase of negative reviews on Facebook. Users who have been frustrated with these censors appear to be switching to Parler, an app that claims to be totally unbiased.

The social media app Parler was already ranking high in the news Category prior to the elections. But with our Category Rankings feature, we can see that after the elections the app increased its popularity so much that it reached first place in the overall category as well. It would not be wrong to assume that many of these users came from platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

When we look at Parler’s ASO Report, we can see that they are ranking first on 41 keywords and have a Visibility Score of 85, which is respectable. Taking a closer look at the keywords that they are ranking on, words such as ‘“Unbiased” or “Bipartisan” draw our attention as indicators of a frustrated group of people who have migrated to this app in order to freely express their opinions.

Through our keyword intelligence tool, we can view that most of the organic downloads of the app came from its brand keyword or variations from it. This shows us that people are actively searching for Parler to download and use it.

A Section From Parler’s Keyword Intelligence

One of our most fun to use tools, Most Mentioned Keywords Analysis, further supports our argument.

Some Common Keywords Used In Parler’s Reviews

Some of the most popular keywords in positive reviews are “Free Speech” and “Twitter”. Time will show us whether or not Parler will be able to hold on to these new enthusiastic users.

In an industry such as the App Markets where competition is fierce, it is not good business to frustrate your user base. It is not up to us to determine whether the alleged claims against Facebook and Twitter are real or not. But once again we are proven that one company’s losses can easily become another’s gain.

When we look at the apps from Leap Fitness Group, we see that they’re aimed more towards a specific audience or a goal, they’ve used words like “for men”, “for women”, whereas the apps in the App Store seem to be more in general fitness.

Let’s see together how one of Leap Fitness Group’s apps, Lose Weight App for Men got ahead in the charts, organically with their Visibility and Localization strategies. 

Visibility Around the World

Let’s take a look at the Visibility Map from our new Visibility Report tool from our ASO Intelligence first. In this map, you are not only able to see your app’s visibility around the world but compare it to a competitor’s. The darker the color, the higher the visibility score is for a country. And as we can see Lose Weight App for Men shows an overwhelming dominance in the map when compared with its competitor, Muscle Booster. Below the map is the graph that shows us both apps’ Visibility Chart for a selected country and date range. Let’s go with the US as both apps seem to be active there. Even at its lowest visibility point in March, it was still significantly higher than its competitor, Muscle Booster, for the US.

Visibility Scores for Countries

Let’s go over to our new tool Visibility Report, to see their localization performance distribution now.

Country Visibility Score

The graph above breaks down the localization performances of apps, in this case, it’s Lose Weight App for Men and Muscle Booster who was 7th place overall. As seen above, you can also view your selected competitor apps in visibility score tiers. For each visibility score tier, we are able to see the number of countries that Lose Weight App for Men’s visibility is between the range of. Lose Weight App for Men shows 80 visibility scores in 16 countries currently, while it’s competitor Muscle Booster stayed below 80. Some of these countries are listed below with the visibility score details.

Country Based Visibility Performances

Lose Weight App for Men has achieved a visibility score above 80 in multiple countries and we can come to the conclusion that it has done localization well with its ASO strategies.

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