Valentine’s Day Mobile App Marketing Guide

Valentine’s Day Mobile App Marketing Guide

As Valentine’s Day 2022 approaches, one of the most important issues for brands issues have been ways to increase your app’s visibility, in-app engagement, and retention on Valentine’s Day. We have written for you on Valentine’s Day about how can you improve your mobile marketing strategies, 2022 Valentine’s Day shopping trends, and top Valentine’s Day apps.


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According to the 2022 Valentine’s Day evaluations, special Valentine’s Day purchases were made in the surveys conducted to find out how users evaluated February 14th. One-third of the users spent money on Valentine’s Day.

Flower trends have also become very popular in 2022. According to data, the average user spends around $ 70 on Valentine’s Day purchases. Engaged people spend a little more than average. Another data is that male users spend, on average, more on Valentine’s Day. Men spend approximately 25 dollars more than women.

According to research, spending on Valentine’s Day is increasing every year. Expenditures for Valentine’s Day vary greatly depending on relationship situations. So married couples spend more money than those in just one relationship.

Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year. According to the surveys, approximately 35% of the couples want to go out. On Valentine’s Day, flowers delivered to the door of their loved ones are the most preferred. This is the most classic and trendiest Valentine’s Day gift. Another is chocolate and dinner. Restaurants that offer special Valentine’s Day menus and candy-filled retail aisles attract a lot of attention. Under the current circumstances, food practices seem to replace them. According to research, about 50% of couples want to go to a restaurant outside, while about 30% want to have dinner at home. Considering the conditions, we are in, this rate will increase even more. Therefore, mobile apps will be preferred more.

Due to the Pandemic process, we are in, many mobile app users likely receive their gifts through apps. To be among the best Valentine’s Day Apps, it is necessary to know the Valentine’s Day mobile marketing strategies. App Samurai can support you with mobile marketing strategies.

  • Why You Should Boost Your Shopping App Before Valentine’s Day 2022

As Valentine’s Day approaches, users globally indicate that mobile sessions and in-app revenue activities are at their peak. Mostly, Valentine’s Day is spent in the USA. According to the data, spending starts approximately 10 days before Valentine’s Day. In-app income activities increase almost half of the monthly average. With the right Valentine’s Day mobile marketing strategy, it is possible to increase your in-app engagement by half on Valentine’s Day. You can get service from App Samurai, which specializes in this subject. For this reason, it is recommended to make an effort two weeks before Valentine’s Day, in early February. Shopping and gift apps and food and beverage apps are showing a serious increase in in-app revenue on Valentine’s Day.

According to the data, in-app activity increases mostly in entertainment apps. Then there is a similar increase in food and beverage apps with a small margin. The situation is similar in the category of social apps such as messaging and dating. In fact, we see that the number of single and lonely users is quite high, as there is an impressive increase in the game category.

  • How Can You Increase In-App Engagement On Valentine’s Day?

As mentioned above, Valentine’s Day creates a great opportunity for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Valentine’s Day is the second-highest spending opportunity after Christmas. So, what strategies should you use to attract mobile app users and increase your income on Valentine’s Day?

-Start Smartly

You can increase engagement by setting a different targeting strategy for your segments. In addition to targeting married couples, you should also target single users. Give your users a reason to check your app with Valentine’s Day messages.

-Inspirational Push Notifications

One of the best ways to increase engagement is with push notifications. In addition to your classic campaigns, you can add a little bit of humor and love-inspired push notifications.

-Associate with Social Media Accounts

You should also organize your social media posts according to Valentine’s Day. Direct users to your app with social media posts.

Storyly is one of the best ways to communicate with your users and increase in-app engagement. Storyly can show you how to create interactive stories on Valentine’s Day.

  • Best Valentine’s Day Apps for 2022
  1. Happy Couple – Love Quiz

Happy Couple – Love Quiz is a game where you compare your partner’s answers with your own. Your correct predictions earn you points to unlock the next level.

2- 1800Flowers

It is a florist app that you can send various flower arrangements to your loved ones that fit every budget. They offer same-day delivery in certain locations, but order in advance in case of possible errors!

3 – Amazon Shopping

It is a shopping app where you can find everything special for your loved ones on Amazon. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be without a gift.

4 – TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor; An app necessary for your restaurant, flight, accommodation, travel, and entertainment plans. It is effortless and useful as a planner.

5 – Tinder

An app for those going alone on Valentine’s Day. Tinder can make sure you don’t spend Valentine’s Day alone. Tinder is the most popular dating and dating app.