App Store News: Pinterest may acquire VSCO photo app

App Store News: Pinterest may acquire VSCO photo app

Pinterest appears to be interested in purchasing Visual Supply Company, the maker of the VSCO app.

VSCO is a photo and video editor. It provides presents and editing tools like Contrast and Saturation for free, but also more advanced presets to recreate the more iconic vintage look of a Kodak, Fuji, and Agfa.

Subscriptions are based on an annual fee.

According to sources talking to The New York Times, VSCO has attracted some $90 million in funding and is valued at $550 million.

VSCO did not comment on the rumours.

The move follows a record fourth quarter for Pinterest.

The company added some 100 million new users last year to 460 MAUs.

However, it’s image is particularly cool. That may be one of the reasons why it’s acquired VSCO – a cool app that’s popular with Gen Z and millennials alike. The rumours have yet to be confirmed.

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