Can Recruitment App Leverage User Mindset to Sustain Volume

Can Recruitment App Leverage User Mindset to Sustain Volume

The keyword “recruitment” in the App Store has increased significantly, mainly due to the “autumn recruitment”, as companies have started to put up jobs to seek new blood for their enterprises, and fresh graduates have also started to put up their resumes on major recruitment platforms to seek new jobs. The main reason is that the “fall recruitment” is the reason that major companies have started to place positions to seek fresh blood for their enterprises, and fresh graduates have also started to cast their resumes on major recruitment platforms to seek new jobs.

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At the beginning of 2019, the workplace social platform Pulse released the report “Investing in ‘Opportunity’ 2019”, which pointed out that in the discussion of the topic “Summary of 2018”, more than 45% of the workplace people chose “Change” and “Poor” as their answers. “and “poor” as the ending. Among the “2019 wishes”, reading and studying, fitness and travel are still at the top of the list of workplace people.

Investing in report

In the “2019 Spring Job Hopping Report” released by WisdomLink Recruitment, it is pointed out that 74.03% of white-collar workers have job hopping actions in the spring of 2019, and 19.66% of white-collar workers are moved but not yet put into action.

The data reports released by recruitment platforms in 2019 were randomly searched by Seven Wheat Data according to online public data and found that the types of these data reports are broadly divided into three types.

Comprehensive data reports. This type of report covers multiple dimensions such as recruitment positions, salary situation, talent demand, etc., and can reflect the development trend of the recruitment category industry as a whole.

Reflecting industry trends. This kind of report mainly focuses on the development of a certain industry, and outputs reports from time history, increase in the number of entry users and other dimensions. It can, to a certain extent, make predictions on the future development trend of the industry and give product suggestions for the industry.

Analyze the new crowd. The development of the Internet and the habits of users, as well as the trend of current hotspots will cause the birth of a new population, and the surge in job openings, the intentions of users to enhance their job search, and changes in salary trends, is also able to reflect certain characteristics of the population.

Community content attracts users’ spontaneous publicity

The workplace social platform Pulse, which focuses on workplace gossip and job search and recruitment, was launched in 2013 and gained a lot of attention from users, and since then Pulse has added new features such as group chat, anonymous status, topics, columns, and job scripts, which allow users to show their workplace life in multiple scenes in the product. At present, from the state of the community content of pulse, gossip and gossip, sun life content is more, but also a lot of content to share workplace skills.

The news of gossip is not only a spontaneous complaint of users to relieve the pressure in the workplace, but also a curiosity about the current workplace life, and this kind of content is also the easiest place to gather users and attract them among many platforms.

Topic product interface

For users who like to sunshine life in the platform, one is to sunshine the company’s welfare treatment, workplace connotations, etc., which is out of a user’s bragging psychology, which allows users to achieve a sense of satisfaction; the other is to sunshine various strategies in the workplace, this content is actually applicable to most workplace people, job seekers want to obtain the situation of the target company, working people want to continue to obtain knowledge and expand their horizons.

At the same time, Pulse does not discard the need for job search or recruitment positions, and with the endorsement of user companies, users are not only able to gain relevant knowledge and expand their horizons in Pulse. In fact, they can also expand their network resources through comments, chats and other forms. Compared to offline workplace socializing that takes up leisure time, this mobile online workplace socializing is still more efficient and direct.

Short video elements enhance user experience in both directions

Among the new recruitment apps in recent years, there are some short video-based recruitment apps, such as Shake Hire and Multiface. Unlike many recruitment platforms that can only fill in information to find jobs, users can use videos to find jobs in these two products, and companies can also use videos to attract job seekers.

Product interface of ShakeHire; Right: product interface of Multiface

For job seekers, taking short videos is also a good way to show oneself. Compared with simple text and drawings, short videos can be more intuitive to create a job seeker’s personalization and differentiation, giving the job seeker more power of expression. Such as when job seekers want to job short video operations, can be shot in the short video, shoot their own state of life or workplace state, and in the post by adding special effects, filters and editing to highlight their specialties.

Multi-faceted, a user job search short video

For recruiters, the way to shoot short videos to release recruitment information, can be more three-dimensional to promote their corporate culture and image. And short video is not only used in recruitment, but also can be released in the major platforms, with short video to reach more users and attract users to come.

In addition, in addition to such short video-based recruitment App, there are platforms that want to enter the short video industry, in fact, more can be embedded in the product short video module, according to the positioning of the product itself to determine the direction of short video development.

The use of big data capture and analysis, to establish a professional image of the brand

In addition to the data report can make developers more clear about their own platform’s user coverage and future development direction, in fact, it also helps the platform to reach more users and establish its own professional image in the industry. Such as live, short video, shopping platforms have also been using big data analysis to launch relevant crowd and industry reports.

Based on the platform user perspective, try to break the sub-wall

Users’ curiosity, desire for exploration and curiosity make users want to contact more things, and also users are eager to use more forms and different perspectives to show their personal charm and enhance their competitiveness. It is suggested that developers should not only promote product optimization but also try to break the sub-wall from the perspective of their own platform users. In this year’s “Double 11”, Taobao Live invited executives of major brands to live broadcast with goods.

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