App audit can be an independent complaint? The 9 sections of the must-know Contact Apple portal!

App audit can be an independent complaint? The 9 sections of the must-know Contact Apple portal!

Inevitably, iOS developers will encounter problems related to developer accounts, app audits, etc. and need to contact Apple. SevenMarkets has compiled the official Apple contact portal and the operation guide of the corresponding section to help developers solve related problems more efficiently.

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The 9 sections of the must-know Contact Apple portal!

I’ve got a “Payment Authorization Failure” on my developer account renewal or my payment was returned to my original account after successful payment?

Quickly contact Apple

When you encounter a problem and want to contact Apple staff, there are two entrances for you to do so: Apple iTC backend and Apple developer website.

Apple iTC Back Office

Log in to the Apple iTC backend and click on “Contact Us” in the lower right corner to contact Apple.

Apple Developer Website

After logging into the Apple developer website, pull the page to the bottom and click [Contact Us] to contact Apple.

Contact Us section functions and corresponding contents

In Contact Ussection of the Apple Developer Website (, Apple has set up different categories for different types of questions, such as Membership and Account, Development and Technology, App Setup and Distribution, App Review, etc.

Memberships and Accounts

Membership and Account includes issues related to account access, account information updates, organization name changes, D-U-N-S numbers, and more.

Account Information Update

Solve the problem of account information change.

Forget Dun & Bradstreet number or resolve other issues regarding Dun & Bradstreet number.

Dun & Bradstreet Number (D-U-N-S Number, full name: Data Universal Numbering System). It is a unique 9-digit global coding system that acts as an identification number (like a personal ID card) for businesses. More content poke “Once you talk about Dun & Bradstreet coding, you don’t know what to do …… | Dry Collection

Plan Purchases and Renewals

Solve the problem of product purchase and renewal amount, such as “payment authorization failure” for developer account renewal, or the payment is returned to the original account after successful payment.

Agreement and Contract

For long time in the audit status when setting bank information.

Developer Team Management

Solve problems with developers giving permissions to other people.

Add/modify developer information: Apple account manager.

App Settings and Distribution contains subcategories of issues such as Binary File Transfer and Processing, Customer Reviews and Ratings, Search Ads, GameCenter, etc.

When a developer sells an App to another developer or wants to move it to another App Store Connect (formerly iTC backend) account or organization, the App needs to be transferred. For more details on how to transfer an App, please refer to “How much do you know about transferring an App? All the details you can’t ignore are in this article.

Internal App Distribution for Enterprises

Enterprise account distribution, certificates, and other issues.


Unable to use TestFlight to build test version, test version audit failed, etc.

At the WWDC developer conference in 2014, Cory officially proposed that the App Store would fully support TestFlight, and TestFlight became a must-use tool for iOS developers to test apps from this time onwards. For more information about TestFlight, please visit “The App that has been on Apple’s shelves for 5 years has broken 33w downloads in a single day, and may become a “promotion tool”.

In-app purchase items and subscriptions

Users can’t purchase the set App in-app purchase items and subscriptions and other issues.

There are mainly 4 forms of display for in-app purchase items, as follows.

The benefits of promoting in-app purchase items and how to promote in-app purchase items are shown in “How to promote in-app purchase items? 丨Dry Goods Collection

Suscriptions are a new subscription model introduced by Apple in 2016, where apps that offer auto-renewing subscriptions can offer users a limited time discount or free trial at the beginning of the subscription. For more on subscriptions, check out “How to Become the Most Profitable App in the App Store? Don’t underestimate “subscriptions”.

Get Featured in the App Store

Get Featured for your product.

App Store Search and Exposure

Solve problems such as keyword dropouts and app shelves.

App Review

App Review includes App Review Status, App Rejected or App Removed, App Rejected Explanation, and other sub-categories of issues.

At the end

The reason for the detailed classification of the [Contact Us] section is that developers can go directly to the corresponding portal to give feedback when they encounter related problems, so as to increase the efficiency of solving problems.

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