App Store News – Photography & Video category receives the most recommendations

App Store News – Photography & Video category receives the most recommendations

Apple said that starting in March 2020, developers will be able to distribute iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Apple TVOS versions of the App with universal purchase, allowing users to use the App and items purchased within the App across platforms with a single purchase.

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Apple keyword search index can not be viewed again

Since January 16, Apple keyword search index restored, February 6 Apple keyword search index again can not be viewed, and the previous keyword search index closed for 29 days.

Feruary 7, there was a massive downgrading phenomenon

According to the monitoring of Seven Mac data, on February 7, the number of apps taken down from App Store was as high as 11,529.

Apple requires game products to submit version number information before June 30

Apple requires game products to provide the approval number of any paid games or games with in-app purchase items released in mainland China by June 30, 2020.

February App Store Data Overview

Number of App Store added/removed

In February 2020, a total of 36,777 products were added to the App Store and 63,662 products were removed from the App Store, with a decrease in the number of removed products compared to January.

Among the new apps, games, tools, business, life, education and entertainment apps are the most numerous, and these six types of products have been the direction for developers to focus on developing products.

The top 6 categories of apps were games, life, business, education, tools and entertainment. Games App had the largest number of downgrades, with a total of 8615 apps. Next are business and life apps, and the number of education, tools and entertainment apps decreases in order.

Monthly Statistics of Review Cycle in February

The average review time in February was 11.41h, and the average review time on working days was 11.33h, which was 7.53h less than the average review time in January.

Monthly Ranking of Rejected Terms in February

Clause 2.1 (App completion) was the most rejected clause in February, accounting for 26.82%, and Clause 2.3 (accurate metadata) was the second most rejected clause, accounting for 21.87%, which basically occupied the top two rejected clauses. App), and clause 3.1.2 (subscription) were also rejected. It seems that Apple has increased its review of clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchases), perhaps due to the implementation of Universal Purchase starting in March.

February’s approved title/sub-title statistics

Among the titles reviewed in February, the number of titles with 1-5 characters in the main title range was the largest, with a total of 12,595, followed by titles with 6-10 characters, with a total of 7,438, and the number of titles with more than 11 characters was relatively small, with the number of long characters decreasing in each range. 6734, 5050, the number of titles in other intervals is relatively small.

The keyword “platform” is still the most frequent word in the title, appearing 2067 times, accounting for 9.15% of the frequency. The next most frequently used words are “game”, “learning”, “data”, “video”, “management” and “management”. management”, “software”, “assistant”, “life”, “service”. Services”. The above 10 keywords are used more frequently in App names.

Changing trend of keyword ranking optimization rate in February

In February, the average achievement rate of keyword ranking optimization was 83%, the highest rate was 87%, and the lowest rate was 74% on Feb. 7. On the whole, it seems that the achievement rate at the end of the month is higher than that at the beginning of the month.

Analysis of App Store Hot Search List in February

In February, a total of 3,962,476 products were displayed in the “Hot Search” list, accounting for 49.44%, the largest proportion; followed by the “Recommended for You” list, with a total of 20,222,219 products displayed, accounting for 25.23%. The number of “Explore More + Recommended for You” is almost the same as that of “Recommended for You”, with 2021819 products; finally, the number of Exploration App + Exploration Game on the list is the lowest, with 8330 products, accounting for 0.1%.

Seven Wheat Data has monitored that there is no recommendation record for Exploration App+Exploration Game and Popular Search since February 21, so we guess that there may be some adjustment in the near future.

Among the products on the list, photography and video category and game category are the most numerous, both with 1000+, followed by education, business, efficiency, and entertainment categories are also on the list.

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