How An App Can Help You Dominate Your Competitors?

How An App Can Help You Dominate Your Competitors?

Mobile applications are not just pure software that digitizes your business. Its essence is beyond our imagination and has changed the pursuit of competition in the digital age.

There is almost no business segment where mobile apps haven’t proved their dominion over preferred marketing techniques to drive profits. Upon witnessing over 218 billion app downloads in the year 2019, the global mobile app market embraced a tremendous spike in the count of businesses aspiring to dominate competitors with an app.

Well, the real question comes up when entrepreneurs like you ask how an app can give a competitive advantage to their business. Now it’s time to clarify the answer!




It’s not surprising but interesting to know that people spend more than two hours a day on the mobile app. A recent report on mobile app growth statistics marks the approx value of 581.9 billion revenues in the year 2020.

On a CAGR of 17%, the global mobile app market is predicted to generate profits with estimated revenues of 808.7 billion in 2022.

Obviously, all these figures are influential enough to encourage entrepreneurs to consider these popular demands as top trending app ideas for their business model without giving a second thought.

Top Dominating Factors Of An App That Make Your Business More Competitive

No matter how expansive & evolving your market seems to be, your business will always come across a bulk of competitors to hinder your growth at certain times. Apart from launching a mobile app to earn money, most startups & SMEs are tempted to amplify their brand presence in the marketplace. So, let’s divulge the topic to know how to dominate your competitors with an app.

#1 Utilization Of New-age Algorithms

The advent of modern mobile app development technologies & tools led to the innovation of new-age algorithms that are typical problem-solvers for humans. The use cases of such algorithms are countless and pivotal to deciding the right tech stack for digital startup.

When it comes to competing with existing brands, the world of algorithms presents a bundle of ways to dominate your competitors with an app.

If we talk about online dating apps, there are ample options for users to improve their mobile dating experiences but why only a handful of top trending dating apps like Tinder are ahead in the race?

The founder of Tinder’s rival i.e OkCupid admits that utilization of machine-learning-based algorithms served them great competitive advantage for mobile apps. Undoubtedly, the consistent evolution of such cutting-edge algorithms with a sound knowledge of how to integrate AI-ML into an app empowers businesses to capture vast amounts of data that matches with their customers’ search.

#2 Assured User Privacy For Security

All sorts of cybersecurity challenges faced by SMEs are a big concern for businesses moving to the digital space. Providing full-proof security to present-day customers comes out as a prime factor to dominate your competitors with an app.

Irrespective of which industry or business segment you belong to, you seriously need to take steps to enhance mobile app security or privacy to win over existing competitors. It serves as a better shot to rise above others!

#3 Unique Value Proposition

Accept it or not, having familiarity with the nitties & gritties of unique value propositions can do wonders to match your competitive intentions.

The secret formula to dominate your competitors with an app briefly focuses on the pain points of the customers with clarity on the perfect ways to resolve them at priority. This is how businesses can leverage future-ready mobile app solutions to make their brand stand out in the crowd of competitors.

#4 Optimized Success Strategy

Another factor to understand the competitive advantage of using mobile app technology & software in your business arsenal is the high potentials to achieve business success.

Your mobile app development strategy for business will accelerate your profit growth under these parameters:

Wide customer reach drives sales through a network of promotional channels & mobile apps that emerges as an imperative tool to dominate your competitors with an app.
With over 78% of people switching to mobile apps for inquiries, businesses are all set to take competitive advantage of mobile apps by implementing strategic ways to improve customer experience. Your business is most likely to be successful if you manage to keep your customer services up to the mark.
It’s possible to achieve ultimate brand recognition as you take steps to embrace digital mobility not only to make money but also to dominate your competitors with an app.
The competitive advantage of having a mobile app for your business highlights multi-level offerings under the umbrella of result-driven digital marketing services.

#5 Right Keyword Identification

Besides Apple app store statistics, a recent report by Statista mentions that the Google Play store comprises over 3.48 million apps with around 3739 apps going live on it every day.

So, if you release your app on it today then how can you ensure that it will stand out among existing ones? Right keyword identification takes you to the doorway to discover easy routes to dominate your competitors with an app.

The mobile app strategists stay ahead to select the right keyword to promote an app so that the app appears on the top of search results on respective app stores. In other words, keyword identification is a part of strategies in the app store optimization guide to make it visible among other competitive business apps.

#6 Enhanced Accessibility To Audience

Mobile apps empower businesses to have a competitive edge in their niche with brilliant accessibility to market audiences. If your target customers feel secure & confident enough to make purchases on your mobile app then it’s an indication of its advantage to dominate your competitors with an app.

It simply means that customers are happy to interact with your brand & highly satisfied to share their experiences with others. It’s a positive sign to beat other popular brands established in the marketplace.

#7 Improved Customer Service For Better CX

No one can deny the fact that a mobile application is capable of providing a progressive channel to enhance customer service.

After all, establishing a strong connection with your customers brings up a more realistic & credible face of your brand to the audience.

In fact, apps enable companies to resolve customer queries, promote available offers & discounts, & create awareness on new products/services, etc. efficiently.  And in this way, most businesses follow unique techniques to improve UX & CX to dominate competitors with an app.

#8 Strong Database For Valuable Customer Insights

When a user downloads an app to enquire about a particular service or product, he/she shall have filled up the basic information at the moment.

Once a user allows permission to autodetect your not-so-confidential details such as name, email address, contact, location, your app has gathered sufficient data to get a competitive advantage of how to dominate your market.

Incorporate a strong database from the list of popular databases for a mobile app to store user information & target potential customers through ads & other marketing campaigns. No surprise, organizations are highly opportune to stay ahead of their competitors by utilizing valuable data of new & existing users on their mobile apps.

Intelligent Mobile App Tips To Give A Competitive Edge To Your Business

The moment you realize that keeping up with the market competition is a painstaking job, mobile apps take a front seat to drive you high on the routes of business success.

Here are tips every business enthusiast should try to make the most out of their efforts & become one of those entrepreneurs who got filthy rich through an app.

#1- Integrate Out-of-box Features To Make It Stand Out

Be selective while choosing the features & functionalities to integrate into your mobile app. Focus on the key features to keep up with the usability of your app. And make sure that your mobile app follows top UI design trends so that it can be made intuitive & engaging enough to compel users in a glance.

Include these pointers in a checklist of effective mobile app development for cross platforms:

Simplicity is the soul of any app as it’s a major source of its survival. From the perspective of the competitive advantage of mobile apps, it’s meant to simplify the onboarding of new users & impart a seamless experience.
Fast loading time is another important feature to prioritize to dominate your competitors with an app on the basis of enhanced user engagement. Consider learning how to make apps load faster beforehand.
Social media integration is a feature that every mobile app must have to present for users who desire to connect & share their experiences on social networks. It’s a great advertising tactic to promote your app effectively on social media.
The integration of an in-app payment gateway is a necessity to process securer, faster, & hassle-free online transactions.
Always include feedback or review sections to collect the response of users. This will make your customers feel valued which is a good sign of customer loyalty.

#2- Get A Mobile App Benchmarking Plan

Benchmarking is a kind of thorough competitive analysis that revolves around various aspects of escalating your app’s performance. A mobile benchmarking strategy can help you dominate your competitors with an app with these exclusive benefits:

To analyze where your app stands in the presence of existing competitors.
To shape strategies to optimize the results & implement them accordingly.
To discover the loopholes in your process and find ways to eliminate them completely.
To shift your focus on your app’s objective rather than adhering to unnecessary business processes.
To study top competitors & their strategies to get a competitive advantage for mobile apps

#3- Prioritize Cross-platform Compatibility

Both Android & iOS are the most preferred platforms among users. To get the competitive advantage of an app, businesses are suggested to invest in cross-platform app development rather than getting separate applications for a single one.

Choosing b/w Android & iOS as the first choice for startups could be a trickier thing to do as a business owner as both platforms have a large user base & distinctive attributes to retain their users on respective devices. The below brings a glimpse of stats interpreting the percentage of app usage on Android & iOS.

Launch Your Business App With Appventurez To Combat Market Competition!

Nothing is predictable in the ever-evolving arenas of digital mobility. Things keep on changing with new tech innovations & digital transformations taking place in the mobile app industry. Hence, small businesses & SMEs are destined to face challenges to mark their mobile presence in the competitive world.

Meanwhile, most entrepreneurs are gearing up to adopt new changes & technologies to stay ahead of other companies, Appventurez holds pride to be a reliable mobile app development partner for businesses that aspire to dominate competitors with an app. If you’re tempted to get your own app to boost your brand then you must get our expert hands to make your services more accessible with robust solutions.


Q.1- How to get an app that offers guaranteed business success in the competitive marketplace?

First of all, the success of your mobile app development project depends on the platform you choose b/w Android, iOS, or both. On the basis of the target market, budget limits, & ROI.

Secondly, it is important to map out the vision, viability, & purpose behind getting your app developed for your customer base. Create a list of key features to make your app useful & distinctive from your competitors. Go through your website & brand details to get a clear picture of how your app must be designed to engage users for high conversions. Last but not least, always hire reputed developers in order to achieve success & dominate your competitors with an app.

Q.2- How does an app bring more competitive advantages than a website?

A fully-functional mobile app performs better in comparison with a mobile website. Websites use web servers to store data while apps store their data locally on devices that significantly make them faster & better in terms of performance. Apart from the competitive advantage of mobile apps, simple data retrieval is a major benefit of choosing mobile apps over websites as they save users’ from

Q.3- How can an app amplify brand presence to dominate competitors?

Most people spend their maximum time on mobile devices. It clearly means that users prefer to explore mobile apps that they’ve installed on their smartphones to perform day-to-day activities or tasks with ease. And in this way, businesses discover multifarious opportunities to mark their brand visibility with a competitive advantage of apps.