Making Creative Impact on Facebook Platforms With In-Stream Placements

Making Creative Impact on Facebook Platforms With In-Stream Placements

Compelling character treatment, appropriate text size and proper sound design can help drive greater creative performance on in-stream placements. Through testing and analysis, Facebook’s Creative Shop and Marketing Science teams developed a new set of creative recommendations for brands and agencies when editing TV ads to help drive impact on in-stream advertising. This is particularly important during this time, as advertisers want to quickly adapt their approaches to better connect with consumers across platforms and formats.

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Previously in this video series from Facebook IQ, we’ve explored how to make creative impact with text, timing and format considerations; motion, sounds and stickers tips; and guidance for branded content and stories ads. In the video below, discover new creative recommendations that can help make your ads more effective on in-stream—particularly when it comes to supers, sound and character treatment.

Specifically, we provide actionable guidance on how creative performance can be impacted by cropping main characters, how to determine the proper text size and text count and how sound design can help grab and maintain attention. These insights can shed some light on common advertising questions like how to drive brand recall and interest, message clarity and differentiation.

In addition to these new creative recommendations, digital best practices still matter in in-stream ads. For example, branding early and prominently, both visually and audibly, works best to support key performance metrics. While these simple approaches tend to work broadly, we encourage advertisers to experiment and refine in order to find the optimal creative strategy for each specific situation.

Watch to see new creative recommendations for developing effective In-Stream Reserve ads and explore more of our creative effectiveness research on Facebook IQ.

Source unless otherwise specified: “In-Stream Creative Meta-Analysis” by MetrixLab (Facebook-commissioned study of 2,400 people ages 18–54 in US), Aug 2020. Lab research ratings of content as engaging, driving brand awareness and having clear messaging.

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