WWDC 2021 Challenge – Speech Synthesizer Simulator

WWDC 2021 Challenge – Speech Synthesizer Simulator

AVSpeechSynthesizer is the engine that helps generate synthetic speech on iOS. Screen readers like VoiceOver rely on speech synthesis to help communicate information about items on the screen. It’s a foundational aspect for assistive technology, and a valuable tool for creating accessible apps and augmenting existing experiences for people and those who uses assistive technology.

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WWDC 2021 Challenge – Speech Synthesizer Simulator

We’re inviting you to take AVSpeechSynthesizer for a spin out into the world. Using our ARKit-powered sample app, design a conversation between two animated birds, powered entirely by speech synthesis. You pick the scene, and the script.

Begin the challenge

To join this challenge, download the sample project and add the app to your iPhone. Choose where you want to film your conversation, as well as the tone and style. And don’t forget a set of dynamic and entertaining dialogue.

Your scene could be an exchange between friends, a romantic comedy, or even an award-winning drama. While AVSpeechSynthesizer can read any string, keep your scenes respectful and inclusive. There’s no limit to what you can make, and we’re looking forward to learning what brilliant and funny scenes you create. And, for a bit of extra fun, try exploring some of the synthesizer properties to achieve different tones and inflections!

Once you’ve staged and directed your scene, do a screen recording and share your creation with the developer community. You can also share your progress on the Developer Forums.

Create a seamless speech experience in your apps

Augment your app’s accessibility experience with speech synthesis: Discover the best times and places to add speech APIs so that everyone who uses your app can benefit. Learn how to use AVSpeechSynthesizer to complement assistive technologies like VoiceOver, and when to implement alternative APIs. And we’ll show you how to route audio to the appropriate source and create apps that integrate speech seamlessly for all who need or want it. To get the most out of this session, you should be familiar with AVFoundation and the basics of speech synthesis. For an overview, watch “AVSpeechSynthesizer: Making iOS Talk.”

AVSpeechSynthesizer: Making iOS Talk

Speech can enhance the audio experience of your app, whether you are generating spoken feedback for accessibility, or providing critical information beyond simple alerts or notifications. AVSpeechSynthesizer produces synthesized speech from text and allows you to control and monitor the progress of ongoing speech. Learn the ins and outs of AVSpeechSynthesizer and how to add computer-generated speech output to your app.

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