App Battle: Video warfare resumes!

App Battle: Video warfare resumes!

Recently, many apps have been making moves on video, Weibo has quietly launched the pop-up function, which is in the internal testing stage; B website has launched “interactive video”, which allows users to make choices through the player and trigger multiple episodes; short video media “one” has launched its own The e-commerce business is becoming increasingly aware of the huge potential of the video-related industry, so they are focusing on the “video +” business model, and various Internet players have entered the game to explore new ways to play based on video.

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Microblogs test the pop-up feature, using video to grab users

Deep in the social field, although Weibo has a high reputation and has accumulated a large user base, we have to admit that the competition in the social field is very fierce. The social platform Xiaohongshu, Stranger and other apps have emerged later this year, and the game between them and Weibo has become more and more intense.

The growth rate of Weibo is significantly lower than that of Xiaohongshu, judging from the number of downloads in the App Store in the past year. Xiaohongshu’s one-year cumulative downloads (iOS) reached 6839w+, which is more than twice of Weibo’s. In terms of ranking, Xiaohongshu has always been above Weibo.

With the rapid rise of social platforms, no platform, even Weibo, dares to relax for a moment, always keeping a sense of crisis and trying to create a better environment for users by constantly adding new features to the product.

One Technology to launch second shot

In terms of short videos alone, Weibo has cooperated with One Technology to launch second shot, launched “Cool Video”, and added vlogs and live streaming features. Recently, it also quietly launched the pop-up function, which is still in the gray test stage. It is understood that the function currently covers the video area of “selected”, “food”, “fashion and beauty” and other channels, users can send pop-ups in the video area. After switching the video to full-screen landscape mode, users can manually choose to turn off the pop-up display.

From this series of changes, we can see that Weibo is always developing new features for its products and keeping them innovative. This has largely improved the product and user stickiness.

Keeping product innovation as a way to sustain the product for a long time is also a point that is more important for product products. Photography and video products may become popular again because of a new filter, or because of a “grass” concept, the achievement of the Little Red Book; any kind of new form of experimentation, may give the product a new life.

The addition of microblogging pop-ups has undoubtedly injected a strong agent for the social attributes of microblogging, and it also poses a challenge to video platforms such as Beili Beili, where the battle for users is not only limited to product attributes, but also expanded to product functions.

Interactive video, breaking the boundary between video and game

In May this year, a product called “Invisible Guardian” became a big hit, an interactive game in which users can control the direction of the plot according to their own choice. By now, the new concept of “interactive video” is becoming more and more accepted by the public.

Top ranking of “The Invisible Guardian” App since its release

Among the video platforms, Akiyip and Tencent Video are involved in this. In May this year, Akiyay released the interactive video standard, and in showcased the trailer for the take-home interactive film and television work “His Smile” based on the interactive video standard. in June, Tencent video editor-in-chief Wang Juan made a statement that Tencent video will build an interactive video ecology with content creators.

After Akiyip and Tencent, B website also announced not long ago the launch of “interactive video” function, which allows UP owners to create interactive videos with different options, and users can make choices through the player to trigger multiple plots and endings.

Interactive Video

As more and more “interactive videos” appear, we find that the boundary between video and game is getting blurred, and users can experience the thrill of the game while watching the video. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

In addition, the user’s strong “curiosity” is also a big reason for the “interactive video” fire. Users watching interactive videos can make choices through the player to trigger multiple plots and endings, and they can decide the direction of the story according to their own choices, which greatly satisfies the curiosity of users.

Voice dating app

The use of “curiosity” is most common in “voice dating” apps, such as the interactive voice radio station “Litchi”, the stranger social platform For example, the interactive voice radio station “Lychee”, the stranger social platform “Zee”, and “Sound Encounter”, etc. The form of not seeing their faces but only hearing their voices is especially popular among young audiences. All of these apps have been ranked well in the App Store.

This shows that, in addition to functionality, user psychology is also a good channel to attract new users. Using psychological tactics to add color to the product is also a very effective way.


Raise crisis awareness and keep product innovation. Any App, no matter whether it has enough users or not, should always maintain a sense of crisis. Pay attention to user experience and feedback, and actively update new functions for the product. Otherwise, under the fierce competition in the market, it will be replaced by the later.

Use user psychology to pull new products. Different products can also develop corresponding functions according to their own product audience, combined with user psychology such as herd mentality and reciprocity principle, so as to attract more users to use the product.

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