App Marketing News – Yubo adds digital currency to Gen Z social app

App Marketing News – Yubo adds digital currency to Gen Z social app

Yubo adds digital currency to Gen Z social app according to the App Marketing news from ASO World analytics team. Yubo, the platform where young people can socialise free from ads or influencers, just launched YuBucks, a virtual currency.

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Yubo adds new features to Gen Z social app

The feature can be used to pay other users on the network, much like in-app gifts are traceable between users.

The app said that since it launched YuBucks in beta mode, it noticed a higher turnover of more than 20% and the number of users who made at least one purchase rose 10%.

Yubo saw a 550% growth in 2020 attracting some 50 million users in 40 countries. In the UK alone, it reached 74% more users since December 2020.

“The launch of YuBucks and upcoming launch of Pixels, is another step forward in strengthening our unique business model that montezises through social commerce as well as enhances the in-app experience for our users,” said Sacha Lazimi, Co-founder and CEO of Yubo.

“Our freemium business models allow us to keep our users’ data safe and protected, which is a top priority for us and our users. We are carving a new path in social media – at Yubo, we believe you shouldn’t have to sell your personal data in order to enjoy and experience a platform.”

For mid-July, the app has another paid-for feature planned: so-called Pixels. They’ve been created in collaboration with Banfan.

Pixels are essentially a collection of digital art to show how a user feels or highlight their personality.

Yubo users can collect Pixels and then send them to friends.

Yubo Launches virtual online currency – YuBucks and Debuts Collectible Digital Art – Pixels

The Gen Z social network app expands its sustainable freemium business model protecting user data

Yubo, the leading platform for young people to socialise online, today announces the launch of YuBucks, a virtual online currency. This new paid feature, similar to in-app gifts between users, is part of the development of the social network’s unique business model that monetises through sustainable social commerce rather than profiting through advertising or selling its users data.

Since the roll out of YuBucks Beta, the app has experienced an increased turnover of more than 20% and the number of users who have made at least one purchase has increased over 10%.

In mid-July, Yubo will also be launching another new paid-for feature: Pixels. Yubo has collaborated with the pixel artist Banfan to create collectible digital art representing qualities, moods and personalities. Yubo users will be able to purchase these in-app and can start their own collection, send it to their friends and send to people they admire on the app, for example their favorite streamers.

Founded in 2015, Yubo’s mission is to enable Gen Z to make genuine friendships online and is completely ad-free, influencer free and like-free. By moving away from the traditional social network business model, Yubo’s users are able to more easily connect with each other without the pressure of likes or being distracted by constant advertisements. The app, which experienced a 550% growth increase over 2020, has 50 million users across 40 countries. Since December 2020, the app has had a 497.13% increase in new users worldwide.

The addition of YuBucks creates a more seamless experience for users as they can purchase any paid-for feature in-app without having to repeat the payment process. As a result, users waste less time on microtransactions and can fully enjoy their experience on Yubo.

Yubucks will also facilitate the prize or reward system at events organised in the application. Users will be able to win prizes in YuBucks and be free to choose which paid feature they prefer and wish to obtain.

YuBucks are now available via the app store and can be purchased in packages or as part of an ongoing monthly subscription. There are currently five different packs available in the store, starting from as little as $4.99.

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