App store optimization strategy-how to do ASO keyword optimization?

App store optimization strategy-how to do ASO keyword optimization?

Many friends strongly request the ASOWorld technical team to write an article about ASO, then I will share what I know with you. First, let newcomers popularize the concept of ASO. What is ASO? ASO (App Store Optimization-application store optimization) is the process of improving App rankings in the app store rankings and search results. It can be said that it evolved from the concept of SEO in the WEB era, but ASO in the mobile Internet is far less important than SEO in the Internet. This sentence was mentioned in the previous article of ASOWorld. The concept of ASO was first proposed by a big foreign guy at a mobile Internet industry conference in Berlin in November 2009.

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How to do ASO keyword optimization?

ASO classic success stories

Speaking of ASO, I have to mention a classic case in China that is enviable and hateful: You can search for reading apps such as Billion Bookstore and Morgan College in any word in the App Store. This is really not an exaggeration.

At that time, many people asked me why, and I really didn’t know how to do it. I had communicated with many people in the industry. Some people said it was a bug of Apple. Some people have complained and Apple has fixed it. I don’t believe it, because the search phenomenon has not changed at that time. Later, a buddy said it was a resigned employee and explained to everyone: “Morgan College has more than 2,000 in-app purchase IAPs, and each IAP can set 10 keywords, which is 100 bytes. The more than 2,000 books in it are basically Different keywords are set, and Apple’s search rules will match all the keywords in the software. So when you search for any keyword, it will appear because the commonly used phrases are already included. Now The software has been removed, and the reason for removal has nothing to do with the keyword.” This reason Brother Bird thinks is more credible.

ASO keyword selection

The keyword selection of ASO is much simpler than the selection of SEO keywords. For example, my former club was a tourist, and the number of related keywords can reach more than 100W, which is not an exaggeration~~ But ASO’s controllable space is limited and long Don’t think about tail keywords (appstore keywords can be up to 100 bytes long). The choice of conventional keywords is divided into three categories: 1. Brand words 2. Industry-related words 3. Competitive words. Examples are as follows: If I am Qunar Travel App, then brand words: Qunar,, qunar; business-related Words: travel, travel, hotel reservations, air ticket reservations, special hotels, special air tickets; competing product words: Ctrip, eLong. Of course, the conversion rate of these words from search to download is: brand words>industry-related words>competitive words. The core of keyword selection is “relevance.” Just like you sell electrical appliances, you have to optimize the keywords for asking doctors, even if you rank high, is it useful?

There are also unconventional keyword selection methods: the principle is “pong daddy”, for example: 1. Encyclopedia of ringtones for iOS7 (today’s ranking top9); 2. Memory Manager-Memory Assistant, for iOS7 (today’s ranking top13) ); 3. iOS7 wallpaper + (today’s ranking top19) 4. Emoji Factory-a must-have emoji creation tool for WeChat! (Today’s ranking top33). There are many examples of this kind in the past, which are suitable for individual types of apps. Through the examples, you should understand why you choose this kind of apps. “Sugar daddy” can attract eyeballs and increase credibility through the brand awareness of the big brother, thereby increasing download conversion. Common “pong daddy” includes: iOSx, iPhone, WeChat, QQ, Taobao, Tmall, 360 and other words.

ASO keyword optimization skills

After the keywords are selected, the optimization begins. The ranking of the keyword weights in the AppStore:

app name> app keywords> app Description> IAP item Name/Description

OK, app name has the highest weight, then we put the most searched keywords and the most relevant keywords in the App name, this is the most important; app keywords total 100 characters, and other important keywords should be placed here In addition to putting new keywords in the app description, there is another task to increase the density of keywords in the first two links (that is, the previous keywords are mentioned many times); IAP item Name/Description is the most useful for writing articles. The book app mentioned in the previous classic case uses this method. Like this kind of content-integrated app, a large number of IAP item Name/Description can be used to lay out a large number of keywords, which is regarded as a kind of cheating.

The ASOWorld technical team did a little research on the search keyword ranking rules before. Just like the SEO search engine, the algorithm is very complicated, and it is impossible for anyone to fully understand except for internal engineers.

The content of the above picture is just a guess, for reference only. Later, I re-studied another group of apps. The rules are different. Therefore, there are many factors that affect rankings. The more important ones are: keyword density and the current ranking of the app.

Finally, the ASOWorld technical team emphasizes that although ASO is far less important in the mobile Internet than SEO in the Internet, ASO is the basic work and must be done. You can’t focus too much energy on this one. For example, your App industry is not very popular and your brand is not very well-known. Then the daily search volume of your brand words and industry-related words is very small, even if the search rankings are high, right Your overall number of activations and users is not very helpful, the most effective is the exposure and promotion of other channels.

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