App store optimization-how to do ASO keyword optimization (2)

App store optimization-how to do ASO keyword optimization (2)

“How to do ASO keyword optimization” last issue. After the last article was sent out, everyone liked it better. There were also friends who left a message on ASOWorld’s social media platform and asked some questions.

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How to do ASO keyword optimization?

1. In the Apple Guide, it is clear that the search has nothing to do with the description. Don’t pile up keywords. Is it false?

Answer: According to some data I collected before, the description is indeed somewhat effective. In addition to the description, the developer name and version update description are all effective. In the past, the company account developer name was in Chinese, with the word “Suzhou” in it, and the other content did not mention “Suzhou”. Searching for Suzhou in the AppStore was very high and ranked first. Later, after the company’s shareholding system, the developer’s name was modified and changed to the English abbreviation. Since then, the search “Suzhou” has never been found.

2. How to evaluate whether the keyword modification is effective? Basically, the search results change every hour, and the search results on the iPhone and the computer iTunes are different at the same time. How to evaluate?

A: Optimization is a long process. Another major factor that affects search ranking is the overall ranking. This ranking is definitely unstable, so it is difficult to see the effect in time. The same is true for PC SEO, and the keyword changes are also You have to wait for Baidu to re-incorporate the page before the entire website is integrated. So what I can do is to do a good job of basic human control.

The search results on the iPhone and the computer iTunes are indeed different, that is, two sets of algorithms. We know that the downloads are mainly from the mobile phone, so the optimization is best based on the mobile phone.

3. We changed the title and added some keywords, but Apple did not pass the review because it did not match the actual display name of the app. What should I do?

Answer: It should be possible to make a slight modification, and then resubmit it for review. According to experience, it can basically pass the second time. The reason is that some reviewers are more strict, but the probability of touching his hands every time is not high.

4. Do comments affect keyword rankings? How to review comments?

Comments have an impact on the natural ranking, and also by the search ranking. The key is that many users judge the quality of the product based on the number of reviews. More people think that the product with more reviews will play, and the discussion must be fun to be so intense~~ I think this idea is correct. I download the app and read the number of comments. Let’s talk about how to review reviews. I won’t mention that kind of professional service organization of the navy here. I will just talk about how the developers review some reviews. Apple is very sensitive to comments. A friend told me that after a few people in the company commented, I received a warning email from Apple. Yes, it is so serious. My method is not to use the company’s WIFI to connect to the Internet, because it is all an IP~ you can use the 3G network of the mobile phone itself, so that the company can safely make some comments.

5. ASOWorld team, can you introduce the ASO optimization skills of the domestic Android market?

Speaking of China, there is always a rush to say nothing to say~~ There is basically no optimization, let alone the algorithm, it is too simple!

You can test 360, Android Market, Anzhi Market, etc. The search results are basically ranked according to the number of downloads, and there are some star ratings with keyword density as an aid. Including the overall rankings and classification rankings are basically based on the total number of downloads. At this point, I don’t want to go on. Everyone knows the truth. If you want to have a ranking, you must have downloads. What should I do if the new product has just been launched and has no downloads? Brush! So this industry was born, and many people brushed downloads. In the past, the market didn’t care at all, but then the markets basically started to hit~~~~

In addition, some markets do not give you the opportunity to optimize at all. If you have seen many market publications, you will know that the homepage of the market is basically all advertising spaces. Everyone knows that some markets now include new product recommendations, installation requirements, classification lists, Top search keywords are all sold out, so you know, the best way to optimize is to spend money!