App Store Strategy: Where you get keywords for your app?

App Store Strategy: Where you get keywords for your app?

When you know what to choose, you are ready to create your app keyword cloud after some research.

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There are 3 primary sources you have to use for your app keywords cloud.

● Start with thinking about where the app needs to be in 3-4 months time from now. Brainstorm all the possible keywords that will be relevant. Write all your suggestions into one document. Keep them organized. It makes sense to divide the list of phrases by brand (the Android or iOS keywords that relate to the app name, brand), purpose (if you have a mobile game app using “play”, “game”, “fun”), product functions (run, jump, fight, shoot) groups.● Continue with analysing your competitors. You should analyse somebody’s app, find the most relevant keywords you have not written into your keyword list. Write these keywords down to add to your cloud.

● Use suggestions from Play Store and App Store search fields. Put in each keyword to maximize the diversity of your keyword could. For example, for “clash” you can add suggestions “clash of clans”, “clash royale”, “clash of clans 2”. Try each keyword to find all suggestions for your app.

How to check keyword collection quality?

So finally, you have a keyword cloud to work with. But how can you understand that your keywords are the most relevant?
1. Manual check: take keywords and search for them at Google Play and Play Store. Do you see your competitors in 1-20 positions for this search? If yes, the keywords are picked correctly.2. Use the User Acquisition report at your console. There is all statistics about users that come to your app collected. It also contains all the information about search requests your app was found and downloaded by. If the app was downloaded by this keyword phrase for more than 20 conversions, it will be shown in the report.

Each search request will be shown with the statistics of clicks on icon, number of installs and conversion rate. The higher is the conversion rate for the keyword, the bigger is the relevance of it for your app. The high conversion rate by the keyword shows that the user has found what he was looking for at your app page. So, you need to focus on this and all related keywords and plan their promotion by keyword installs.

If the conversion is low, the installs by the keyword are accidental. That means you should not start promotion by them.

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